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  1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RIFLES (PRIMARY WEAPONS) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GALIL (IDF DEFENDER) FAMAS (CLARION 5.56)
  2. Hi, like alot of people love icons, here's how to change the theme: follow these instructions: 1- Go here and download the theme you want 2- open the zip file like this and do not do nothing else : 3 -Go to Computer -> Programs -> Teamspeak 3 Client You should have this: 4- In your .zip file you have the same name as files in the folder "Teamspeak 3 Client" It's pretty simple now, just unzip the folder contained in its twin. In other words: the contents of the "Styles" folder in the .zip file , unzip it in the "Styles" folder "Teamspeak 3 Client"
  3. Salutare , multă lume mă întreabă cum se pune muzică pe teamspeak . Aşa ca v-am pregătit un tutorial : Pasul 1 . Descarcaţi soundboard de aici . Aveţi in partea dreaptă DOWNLOAD Poză : Pasul 2. Instalaţi soundboard-ul. O să va apară asa : După ce aţi instalat soundboard-ul o sa vă ceara un restart la teamspeak. Trebuie să îî daţi neaparat. Pasul 3. Ca să puteţi pune muzică aveti nevoie de Winamp v.5.5+ . Acesta il descarcaţi de aici . Pasul 4 : După ce aţi instalat Winamp-ul va trebuii sa faceţi o setare la soundboard. Intraţi la Plugins > Soundboard > Configure Poză : A
  4. Nick-ul celui provocat : Densia Dimensiuni : 600x300 Tip ( avatar / semnatura / logo / banner etc. ) : semnatura Stock / Render :
  5. Nume : Mike Nick : Matador Vârstă :22 Motiv : Vreau sa ajut la dezvoltarea acestei comunități Adresa de contact : revenger.design Timp alocat forumului : voi fi mereu activ aici pentru a ajuta pe toți De cat timp lucrezi in Photoshop ? : Lucrez la photoshop de la 2 ani De ce te-am alege pe tine ? : Sunt foarte profesionist și cred că sunt cel mai bun designer de în această comunitate De ce doresti Designer? [ Argumenteaza ] : Vreau să ajut, și vreau să fie o parte din această comunitate și de a gestiona o Experienta [ Creatii ] : aici
  6. Sistem : windows / linux . Detalii :This addons is only for knife ! Author: The [Red] Killer Version: 2.0 Pluginuri : Link download : http://download12.mediafire.com/a1a2d2zcpcig/v6xxiwe8529wow9/Knife+Addons+%40+Alphaa.rar
  7. Matador

    Change Score

    Description: Admins can change score of any player or teams. Name: Change Score Version: 2.0.5 Installation: 1- ChangeScore.sma file, put it in addons / amxmodx / scripting 2- ChangeScore.amxx file, put it in addons / amxmodx / plugins 3- Enter the file addons / amxmodx / configs / plugins.ini and add the following Informations : ChangeScore.amxx Cvar of the plugin (add the file amxmodx \ configs \ amxx.cfg) : there is no cvars for this plugin. Commands for the admins (what they type in the console): amx_chscore <nick/@CT/@
  8. Description: This plugin will check a player's name when they enter the server and also if they change their name mid-game. It checks their name against a list of regex examples and if it matches any, the player will be punished as per the setting for that particular example (rename, kick, or ban). The regex examples are kept in .\configs\restrictnames.ini and I've included a sample file for you in the attached ZIP. The sample file is setup to rename players named 'player', players with too short a name (2 or fewer characters), and players with too long a name (over 26 characters), kick p
  9. Description: Allows all users in server to enable hacker detector, while a hack is active on them, they will glow in Red if on T and blue if on CT. Name: Ghost_hacks_detector Author: Ghost95V Version: 1.3 Installation: 1- Ghost_hacks_detector.sma file, put it in addons / amxmodx / scripting 2- Ghost_hacks_detector.amxx file, put it in addons / amxmodx / plugins 3- Enter the file addons / amxmodx / configs / plugins.ini and add the following Informations : Ghost_hacks_detector.amxx Cvar of the plugin (add the file amxmodx \ configs \ amxx.cfg) : amx_cvar c
  10. Description: This plugin has the ability to kick players based on any of the following three events: not joining a team or spectator mode in time when initially joining the server spectatating too long being AFK too long Which events your server looks for is configurable as is the amount of time allowed for each event. Name: Play or Be Kicked Version: Author : Brad Version : 1.5.243 Installation: .configs\pbk.cfg .\data\lang\pbk.txt .\plugins\pbk.amxx Cvar of the plugin // Play or Be Kicked Configuration File echo Executing Play or Be Kicked (PBK) Confi
  11. Matador


    Description: This Jetpack got some features . I (KleeneX) wrote it after a request from a friend. It's like a normal weapon from CS (except you must buy it in the console). You can: Drop it, pick it up, buy it (of course ), Model Replacing and you can shoot rockets . If you enable "jp_arena" (a CVAR) everyone gets a Jetpack every new round and only can use this. It makes much fun on maps with low Gravity . Name: AMXX Jetpack Final v1.0 Version: 1.0 Final Installation: 1- Plugin_jetpack.sma file, put it in addons / amxmodx / scripting 2- Plugin_jetpack.amxx file, put it in addons
  12. Description: This plugin is very easy to be configured, it has a configuration file. It has many Killstreak Sounds, from Unreal Tournament and other games. It doesn‘t have any bugs, it‘s entirely tested by me even with 32 players, instead of other plugins. You can configure anything, the sounds which will be precached, all the events and features. It supports all games, Counter-Strike, Condition Zero, Day of Defeat, Half-Life, Team Fortress Classic and Deathmatch Classic. There‘s no Killstreak sounds limit. You can set unlimited sounds. Also, you can remove sounds from file. Hattrick featu
  13. Matador


    Description: This is a feature rich map voting plugin. It's intended to be used in place of any other map choosing plugin such as Deagles' Map Manager and AMXX's very own mapchooser. Here is an incomplete list of optional features this plugin can provide: Ability to "rock the vote". Map nominations to be used in the next map vote. Runoff voting when no map gets more than 50% of the total vote. Weighted map votes for players with customizable admin flags. Unique map cycle when the server is empty. I highly recommend you review the well-commented galileo.cfg to see all the options you have
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