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  1. fPs # oSd

    admin slot

  2. fPs # oSd

    Voteaza zilnic | Daily voting

    For exemple at freaz you have there 46 - that means how many had voted and beside the 46 you have VOTE press vote and you voted. And on csserver you have the LIKE icon press the icon and you voted -> ONLY players from ROMANIA can vote here !
  3. fPs # oSd


    Cord said he will fix this problem i don t have time now and i think he doesn't have also because of work ...problem will be solved it s not a big problem !
  4. fPs # oSd

    Cerere Admin BAN$!

    Denied. Too less activity try after 15 days, t.c
  5. fPs # oSd

    Cerere bannere oSd

    Mersi poti da tc :* !
  6. fPs # oSd

    Cerere bannere oSd

  7. fPs # oSd

    Requst for Helper

    Last time on 10th october i said you to come after 15 days = 2 weeks tc
  8. fPs # oSd

    cerere SLOT

    Denied. I think i gave a lot of slots for nothing ... and the server is not so full to ask for a slot :| From now on slots are not available anymore !
  9. fPs # oSd


    Maps added: de_dust2_2009,de_dust2_2007,de_perfect_inferno,de_dustyaztec,de_nuke_rarea !
  10. fPs # oSd


    You made request for mod last sunday not even a week really ? Not so fast :| Today we are in 19th +15 days = means next request 3th November ! Denied.
  11. fPs # oSd


    I agree but i don t know if most of players/admins know about this program ...maybe i make a announce about this !
  12. fPs # oSd

    Raport manel

    Criminalz seems i gave you second chance for nothing...all admins complains about you. You got remove. t.c
  13. fPs # oSd

    I dont know

  14. fPs # oSd

    Admin Request

  15. fPs # oSd

    Cerere bannere oSd

    UP !