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  1. fPs # oSd

    Announcement !

    From now on don t send me pm for admin because from yesterday i m out. I don t wanna be a fondator anymore. Was a pleasure to play along you and to guide as far as i could Be safe and Merry Christmass for all !
  2. fPs # oSd

    cerere unban

    Denied. Wrong model.
  3. fPs # oSd

    Cerere withdrawal -SOSOA^_^

    I understand. t.c
  4. fPs # oSd

    Cerere Admin dz 1

    Ti as putea da slot dar este degeaba slotul fii activ si poate primesti mod direct denied.
  5. fPs # oSd

    Announcement for all admins !

    Nu mai fac alt topic asa ca o sa repet pt ultima data cine citeste si ia in considerare foarte bine cine nu sa fie sanatos. Am vazut ca multi dintre admini nu isi respecta obligatiile ca admin, asa ca am decis cum am mai spus si mai sus iar una din obligatii si f importanta este de a sta spectator pe camperi/codati etc. Aceasta obligatie este una care multi admini o ocolesc dar eu va spun si nu mai repet. DACA INTRU PE SERVER SI VAD 2 ADMINI PE SERVER IAR UNUL DIN EI NU ESTE SPECTATOR ARE -1 NU MA INTERESEAZA CINE ESTE FARA SUPARARE. Toti vor admin pentru ca au scris color :-j dar niciunul nu isi ia in serios atributiile. I do not have another topic so I will repeat the last time who reads and consider very well who is not healthy. I have seen that many of the admins do not respect their duties as admins, so I decided how I said above and one of the important obligations is to stay on CAMPERS / CHEATERS etc. This obligation is one that many admins avoid but I say and do not repeat. IF ENTER ON THE SERVER AND I SEE 2 ADMINS ON THE SERVER AND ONE OF THEM NOT A SPECTATOR HAS -1 , I DON T CARE WHO IS IT WITHOUT SORROW. They will all admin because they have written color : -j but none of them takes their assignments seriously.
  6. fPs # oSd

    Cereri shimbar nick

    No you re not freestyle i know freestyle so don t try do bullshit me. denied.
  7. fPs # oSd


    --> Is mandatory for the topic title to look like this:" Admin x complaint ". --> All other topics that do not follow this pattern will be closed and will not be considered. t.c
  8. fPs # oSd

    Request Up

    Accepted. t.c
  9. fPs # oSd

    cerere upgrade

    Accepted. tc
  10. fPs # oSd

    Cerere up

    Denied. Too less hours !
  11. fPs # oSd

    Cerere Slot

    Denied. tc
  12. fPs # oSd

    Cerere SLOT

    Denied. t.c
  13. fPs # oSd

    request for admin

    Denied. t.c
  14. fPs # oSd


    Denied. t.c
  15. fPs # oSd

    Report Zabana ;x

    Last warning next time when someone catch you with other nick rmv direct without discussion i don t care if you donated. tc