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  1. Topplayer;)

    cerere nick

    oh thanks for given me this nick but i love my name Topplayer;) and i changed it to N1 Psycho!
  2. Topplayer;)


    this its my friend from cz and not you that
  3. Topplayer;)

    cerere nick

    1. Current Nick: Topplayer;) 2. New Nick: N1 Psycho! 3. Current rank on server: Helper
  4. Topplayer;)

    Cerere slot - xRay

    #contra low Active
  5. Topplayer;)

    Anunt Important !!

    yes i sent
  6. Topplayer;)

    Again problem

    Server have 0 players everytime And everytime he On de_dust_2x2 And all admin Not have admin On server Solved @Cord
  7. Topplayer;)

    cerere unban

    this prove he cheater give This wg fake https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=1631
  8. Topplayer;)

    Banlist Topplayer;)

    1.nick Admin:Topplayer;) 2. Nick coded:Boss 3. Ip: 4. SteamID: - 5. Date: now 6. Theme: Hacker Fake wg 7. Proof (demo / ss): https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=1631
  9. Topplayer;)

    cerere nick

    Up brother ❤️
  10. Topplayer;)

    cerere up/helper

    Now. Up.
  11. Topplayer;)

    cerere up/helper

    #Contra you are not admin here Fake !
  12. Problem server not worked And not have addons furien Solved @Cord
  13. Topplayer;)

    RECLAMATIE Topplayer

    me brother i play 2h or 1h on Sometime i'm work a lot i hope play with you sometime brother ❤️
  14. Topplayer;)

    RECLAMATIE Topplayer

    he its not admin what are you doing xD
  15. Topplayer;)

    RECLAMATIE Topplayer

    brother ❤️ i miss you why you dont play in server