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  1. Hi, Welcome to rangfort community, no matter how you'll search, we are the best! Hope you find some friends soon, IF you want im always free, PM me
  2. Join designer team brah... one designer give t/c... and thank caza for doing your job
  3. aham.... Better than fighting... get me the avatar. please.
  4. Will Smith # RF


    Avatar/Semnatura/Logo/Banner/etc : Avatar Tema pozei / Stock-ul dorit ( obligatoriu ) : Doar text. Text principal : Will Smith. Text secundar ( rangfort / www.rangfort.ro / nume server ) : RF Alte precizari : Bafta ! Dimensiuni avatar ( 150 x 250 SAU 150 x 300 ) : -
  5. Who is your favorite Staff in this community. # Administrator blabla ady adry Alisa. BlackPearl SiLviu Vallentin Super-Moderator Sp1dey Moderator Cazador Alecks htcone800 Idlelwass # Rangfort MyStErYDoGg Resource-Team EmilKGB Designer Designeru` foxy' Hristu Julia Mr.Panda DONT FORGET TO SAY WHY. _________________________________________ For me :- blabla ( Wise ), BlackPearl( he just do the right thing.) , Julia (Has always the best avatar in the request.) , Cazador (Friend, hard to tell.), htc ( Friend, Hard to te
  6. If your friend got kid-nabbed, And you know Who did it, What would you do?
  7. If you had a fight with your dad and he kicked you out of the house, Where would you go?
  8. An Advice kiddo, stop calling who did let you down your "friend."

  9. Hello.. Just Wanna tell you.. Is not always good to be happy
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