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  1. I guess i have to explain my own words, what i was saying was that every server should have their own unique style, the server as it is right now its good, no need to copy other servers.
  2. might as well change the name of the server to marvel v2.0
  3. The Escapists 2 - Epic Games = Click Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition - Epic Games = Click Killing Floor 2 - Epic Games = Click
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    link https://i.postimg.cc/vT8mYstx/osd.png
  5. after you decided to be a good boy, your ban is removed. closed
  6. The knife looks good too.
  7. Just checked them out. Besides the m4a1, nothing else is pretty. Even that is a meh.
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  9. Some people dont play Valorant to win tho, I actually enjoyed it, enjoyed all the features, some were OP but its whatever for me, I couldn't careless about the hackers since every game has hackers, i wouldn't point my finger to the moderators either because its a hard job to work with alot of people and check them for hacks. I actually enjoyed every match, I got clapped a few times but a few times I was the leader of my team which felt pretty cool. I never experienced getting the same cheater 5 times, but even if i did i'd just DC if i saw him around. (react with "hahaha" if you agree too)
  10. FREE NOW UNTIL MAY 21 - KEEP FOREVER IF CLAIMED (Premium Edition) Grand Theft Auto V - Epic Games - Click Basicly download epic store, go to "store" and then "free games", GTA V will appear there and u can claim in. Make sure you add a number to your account because in case you dont you wont be able to claim it. Link will be available as soon as the epic servers come back.
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