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    - Pentru a putea face o cerere trebuie sa aveti minim 15 posturi si minim 1 saptamana in comunitate. Also, we cant edit pictures that have that kind of quality.
  2. Looks good. Try to put the second font "rangfort" on none instead of strong, it will look much sharper. My suggestion for the second font: wendy.
  3. "- Pentru a putea face o cerere trebuie sa aveti minim 15 posturi si minim 1 saptamana in comunitate."
  4. The blur looks okayish but it seems like you know how to create. Its a yes from me.
  5. In order for you to get designer you should have some creations. This is the forum to post your recent works on photoshop: https://rangfort.ro/forum/forum/188-portofolii/ . Make sure to have a look at the rules because you want to prevent any missunderstandings.
  6. Welcome and enjoy the forum.
  7. Next time consider uploading unedited stocks
  8. OS: Windows 10 Pro Placa de baza: Dell Inc. 0DRPKR A00 HDD: BC501 NVMe Sk hynix 256 GB RAM: 16 GB Crucial 2666 MHz DDR4 (1/2 SLOT) CPU: Intel Core i5 8250U Placa video: Raedon (TM) 530 Placa sunet: - Monitor: - Mouse: 4TECH (N-770FX) Tastatura: - Casti: - Mousepad: -
  9. The Escapists 2 - Epic Games = Click Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition - Epic Games = Click Killing Floor 2 - Epic Games = Click
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    link https://i.postimg.cc/vT8mYstx/osd.png
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    or this vip:
  12. Some people dont play Valorant to win tho, I actually enjoyed it, enjoyed all the features, some were OP but its whatever for me, I couldn't careless about the hackers since every game has hackers, i wouldn't point my finger to the moderators either because its a hard job to work with alot of people and check them for hacks. I actually enjoyed every match, I got clapped a few times but a few times I was the leader of my team which felt pretty cool. I never experienced getting the same cheater 5 times, but even if i did i'd just DC if i saw him around. (react with "hahaha" if you agree too
  13. FREE NOW UNTIL MAY 21 - KEEP FOREVER IF CLAIMED (Premium Edition) Grand Theft Auto V - Epic Games - Click Basicly download epic store, go to "store" and then "free games", GTA V will appear there and u can claim in. Make sure you add a number to your account because in case you dont you wont be able to claim it. Link will be available as soon as the epic servers come back.
  14. Probably one of my favorite artworks since its very personal and recent. How it was before: https://i.postimg.cc/44w3D2cD/gettyimages-114724928-3ff4b8131add103df5c5b000eee77100cd7256d0-s800-c85.jpg
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