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  1. if you me up on post? good? I cant Understand 60 day old? i can be moderator me on other clan Owner. iknow guys. pls.
  2. Model application: Name :Farzad. nick:KinG_GooD Age :26/Mybrother 14 Reason :My on Etc.. Clan Owner. ican. modertaror? Contact address:Skype:farzad.farzad63 and Yahoo:Farzadmobarak28@yahoo.com Forum Spent time:All time 24 hours. What to moderate sections like?Love You Forums. Why did you choose this sector?Actions needed and I can build these new ideas with your server if you allow me, let your hand Why do you want to moderate this community?help forum and help player and help all. You moderate the IPB?No Very long and very intense What do you mean by "
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