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  1. Mero^

    Cerere Plugin

    Would not someone help me?
  2. Mero^

    Cerere Plugin

    Nume : anti change name Versiune : The newest. Descriere detaliata : I need something that prevents players from changing their names in Server something like this
  3. Mero^

    Admin NoMeRcY

    You can come back with a new topic after 7 day If you want to Slot it I don't mind send me your nick and password in message
  4. Mero^

    Absent Admin

    We are waiting for you when you return
  5. Mero^

    Admin NoMeRcY

    Contra You answered the question Rules answer mistake.
  6. Mero^

    Cerere Admin BAN$!

    If you have read the rules you will not do the idiots stuff that you do in the server ZP.
  7. Mero^

    Discutii / Chat

    The problem is that you not can do something for you try to slay, kick , ban....etc player He says (Client "...." has immunity)
  8. Mero^

    Discutii / Chat

    Hi, I want to tell you that all players have access give points (Only Normal players. Not admin)
  9. I admit my mistakes now onwards I will never abuse I will never repeat it again



    1. Cristiano7 _ Cr7*

      Cristiano7 _ Cr7*

      Now onwards I will try to become a good STAFF OF ZM

  10. Mero^

    Tag Request BAN$!

    Rejected T/C
  11. Mero^

    Cerere Admin BAN$!

    Rejected T/C
  12. Mero^

    Downgrade list!

    *Nick admin: Cr7 *The reason: Abuse the admin and use it like a game *Sanction (downgrade/remove/suspend): downgrade for Slot *Period penalty (after how long is allowed to apply for admin): 7 day
  13. Mero^

    Cerere Admin

    Rejected You did not read the rules T/C