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    ZM ♛ Boost !

    www.gametracker.rs Pentru a boosta serverul este necesara trimiterea unui sms la numărul 1235 cu mesajul : TXT GTRS nick-ul tău. Tarif SMS: 1 Euro + TVA ! Exemplu: SMS trimis la numărul 1235 ! TXT GTRS * OWNER * Postati in acest topic in momentul cand ati boostat serverul ! Boostul constituie unul din motivele pentru care puteti primi admin / upgrade / alte beneficii ! ( la 3 boost-uri acumulate ve-ti primi 10 zile vip pe sv ) !!! Nick: Ora boostului:
  2. Mahmoud

    Concurs / Contest #2

    ZM.RANGFORT.RO - [ZOMBiE PLAGUE 6.3] Server designed to offer payment competition for a number as the most competitive is name !!!, (TOP15 VIP FREE) First clients from top15 first VIP free on ZM.RANGFORT.RO Server Top1. VIP Month + Grade Top2. VIP 20 days + 5000 Points Top3. VIP 10 days + 8000 Ammo [START COMPETITION] 01/22/2020 [STOP COMPETITION] 02/22/2020 Contest rules: You must have a forum account and, if you don't have one your will take the next person instead. if you insulted anyone or offended the ADMINISTRATORS we will take the next person instead. We will put a picture of the Contest in the game say /event to open it everyone can participate in the contest. With respect to the "ZM.RANGFORT.RO" team Good luck for all
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    Concurs / Contest #2

    Good luck in another competition !
  4. Topicul discutiilor fara sfarsit ! Orice subiect poate fi abordat, in limitele bunului simt ! Ce parere aveti despre server ?
  5. Mahmoud

    DiscutiI Libere / Free Chatting

    Always RangFort
  6. Mahmoud

    Concurs / Contest #2

    take first place C.I.@:Dany____:) and second Crunk and exclude Bella reason does not have account CrYNNu already OWNER =)) excluded AndreiMRZ reason insulted ADMINISTRATORS excluded eliona* reason does not have account Finally take Panda:3 the third place Everyone should connect me pm to take their prize
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    Downgrade list!

    *Nick admin: Wolf ^ *The reason: Activity *Sanction (downgrade/remove/suspend): remove *Period penalty (after how long is allowed to apply for admin): 7 days
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    TAG Leondraliu | ACCEPTED

    Have fun ! Accepted
  9. Mahmoud

    ZM ♛ Boost !

    Nick: Mero^ Ora boost: 12:46
  10. Mero^ asassinul CrYNNu Panda:3 AerianZ C.I.@:Dany____:) * Wolf ^ Leondraliu ZeusNeburo Bella jggh eliona* ZaNNel Crunk Mero^ AerianZ asassinul CrYNNu C.I.@:Dany____:) Leondraliu
  11. Mahmoud

    Cerere Admin | ACCEPTED

    nick,pass in message.
  12. Toti adminii serverului si vizitatorii acestui topic sunt rugati sa voteze serverul zilnic! All server admins and visitors to this topic are invited to vote for the server daily! ZM.RANGFORT.RO || ZM PLAGUE 6.3 Mai jos aveti site-urile postate prin care puteti sa ne da-ti un vot! Below are the sites you posted to give us a vote! Csservers : Link vot! Freakz.ro : Link vot! topg.org : Link vot! Fiecare sa precizeze intr-un reply aici data si ora votului! Each to state in a reply here the date and time of the vote
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    DiscutiI Libere / Free Chatting

    I will learn Romanian, tired of using this shit GOOGLE TRANSLATOR
  14. Mahmoud

    DiscutiI Libere / Free Chatting

    As i remember man, You tried many times to go back, but you were rejected by all and also That made you search a lot on GOOGLE for addons ZM 6.3 and u found it, You opened many servers here and there but u did not succeeded, I know the reasons but i can't say In any case this was happy in the past for your comment have a nice day !
  15. De azi admini care nu va ocupati de urmatoarele: 1. Nu va ocupati de codati ! 2. Nu dati vot ! 3. Ignorati playeri cand va cer ajutor ! 4. Schimbati hartile cand va vine voua ! 5. Dati slay,slap aiurea ! 6. Nu aveti banlist ! 7.Nu aveti activitate atat pe forum cat si pe server ! Veti primi instant *REMOVE* respectiv -1.
  16. Mahmoud


    Accepted T/C
  17. You will be put to the test any mistake will get an immediate removal !
  18. Mahmoud


    هلا بيك يحبيبي لا تنشئ مواضيع غير مهمه مره اخري
  19. Mahmoud

    Reclamatie Bella

    We will be give warning to him this time and the next time the removal.
  20. Mahmoud

    (Tag) Cerere Crunk | ACCEPTED

    Done !
  21. Mahmoud

    Cerere downgrade

    Accepted Good luck !