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  1. La muerte es como el viento ... Siempre a mi lado :ph34r:<_<:P


  2. # Espero que te guste wachon #
  3. Nume : Karlin Nick : KARLIN_VW_GACEL Vârstă : 23 Motiv : I like the social, help in what they need. Help in the least as long as you allow me. I like to help each server with the vote, so it grows. I am from Argentina and I would like to bring enough help for each person who understands my language. Adresa de contact : karlin.acevedo0102@gmail.com or in forum Zombie-ZOMBIE Timp alocat forumului : I am permanently connected in the forum, 3 or 4 hours. Informing me and helping. Ce secţiuni doreşti să moderezi? Social or forum Zombie-ZOMBIE De ce ai ales aceste sectiuni? I like it, would like to help a lot more. Many foreign people do not understand much. And I would like to bring our language in this community here in Argentina De ce doreşti să moderezi în această comunitate? It is a nice community, I like learning many things in every minute of arriving. Ai mai moderat pe IPB? Mode moderate course Ce înţelegi prin "Post hunt"? Message Hunting - Hunting Sites of a Job Ce înţelegi prin "Dublu post"? It is when one writes the same thing repeated Ce înseamnă "Warez"? Piracy Ce înseamnă "NSFW"? It is illegal when it compromises Care este diferenţa dintre post hunt şi off-topic? Off topic is not about job search class when you want to do some job sites and more. Ce planuri ai ca să sporeşti activitatea membrilor în secţiunile pe care doreşti să le moderezi ? I would like the user to have new topics and learn. Of course with confidence and the whole Ai citit regulamentul forumului ? Yes
  4. Avatar/Semnatura/Logo/Banner/etc : Avatar Tema pozei / Stock-ul dorit ( obligatoriu ) :I want a text in the image where possible only text with black background or with a background with a sexy girl Text principal : KARLIN Text secundar ( rangfort / www.rangfort.ro / nume server ) : RANGFORT Alte precizari : Effect and source to taste of the elegant designer. From already thank you very much ! Dimensiuni avatar ( 150 x 250 SAU 150 x 300 ) : 150x300 Ultim cerer: http://rangfort.ro/forum/index.php?/topic/54755-cerere-semnatura/
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