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  1. contra make another request after 15 days and be active
  2. pro he is not allowed to take wg as he is helper
  3. pro remove manel u have given him god permanent so u can remove or he will be permanent god? just asking for confirmation XD
  4. and he have new acccount on forum though... contra anyway
  5. 1.Nick Admin: 2.Nick codat: 3.Ip: 4.SteamID: 5.Date: 6.Reason: 7. Proof (demo / ss):
  6. contra , i think u got removed by manel ,as u r admin in other svr
  7. 1.Name: yoyo 2.Current grade: Moderator 3.The degree you want: GOD 4.Hours accumulated on the server GameTracker: https://www.gametracker.com/player/yoyo/ 5.Why do you want to upgrade?: i am loyal and doing my job properly 6.Link from last request:
  8. contra if he is donating so talk with manel --==)
  9. give him warning give one chance as he get helper today or yesterday only ...XD, let manel decide ===))
  10. you go and play on your server u r admin on other server and dont follow thier rules here i told in this server last cant tb, and camp ,so keep quiet and dont teach me my job u rthinking u r pro and cool and others are noob, so change u r behaviour first and what photo upload full conversation not half ok, where is other photo? in that photo u r last and doing tb so i slay and doing my job..
  11. lol go first read rules you know how to play ,i slay him for tb ,he tells that i m last i can do anything, i told rules changed now , so he started arguing with me, he tells he is admin in other server and teaching me my job, so this is useless ,and telling me u get remove ,i dont care what happen now but this person is total useless dont know rules and teaching me....
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