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  1. Cord

    Reclamati RIYAD

    On Thursday I will join with 2 PC , and I will prove it both of you (you and osd ) , if it true what you are saying I give you +2 if not you will get -2 without any discussion On Thursday evening at 17:00 PM see you there (osd , manel) Closed
  2. Cord


    Rejected I will see about it in evening , with something different
  3. Cord

    Reclamati RIYAD

    Rejected , The server can be joined 3 player in same IP , It's clearly https://postimg.cc/K11nVN2K/6e854c8d
  4. Vreau si eu admin sunt aproape non-stop pe server si sunt multi ce nu respecta ce injura si daca as primi admin as tine sv sub control cand nu e nici un admin on 

  5. Cord

    Cerere Admin BAN$!

    Rejected, read the rules, I'm waiting for you with a new request in 15 days. T,c
  6. Cord

    cerere slot

    Respins T,c
  7. Cord


    Respins. T/C
  8. Cord


    Only beneficii get "AP" /Every kill , Proposal rejected
  9. Cord


    Respins. Locked.
  10. Cord

    shimbare nick

  11. Cord

    Cerere Retragere

    Respins. Da-mi mesaj si spune-mi ce sa intamplat.
  12. Cord

    Reclamatie k10 si v_1

    despre k10 pentru doar 4/3 remove? Admin "k10" in cauza au primit -1 Hai sa vb despre v_1 te-a banat 10 minute sa te calmezi pe motivul injurarii !! ai fost cu nick merda cand banat tu eu vad totul pe logo's PS; De acum pe cine mai vad ca se injura si este admin v-a primit Vor primi Remove instant ! Acum toti ai scapat usor ... sper sa incercati sa realizati ce ati facut ! Sper sa nu se mai repete ! Send me your nick /pw on pm
  13. Cord

    Report V_1 [;x]

    i don't see nothing wrong here but when he insult you with nick "lock" he Will get advertisement !!