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    Cerere Grade

  2. Skadi

    Aotw #70

  3. Skadi

    [DEALS] - Free Game For Steam

    ^ In caz ca l-a ratat cineva, sau nu a stat sa isi faca cont pe humble. -> https://store.steampowered.com/app/278360/A_Story_About_My_Uncle/ E free direct pe steam acum.
  4. Skadi

    blabla's Gaming

    I am the Sanitater!
  5. Skadi

    Cerere canal

    Canal creat, pentru grad astept mesaj cand esti online.
  6. Skadi

    Cerere Canal JB.RangFort.RO

    Canal creat, pentru grad astept mesaj cand esti on.
  7. Skadi

    Cerere Moderator

    Momentan respins, alege-ti o sectiune pe care vrei sa activezi. Dupa ce ai o activitate constanta acolo poti sa revii cu o alta cerere. Multumim de interes!
  8. Skadi

    [ArtWork] {SOSOA^_^}

    Topic unlocked.
  9. Skadi

    Cerere Mod C.o.D**

    Respins, nu te mai obosi sa faci alta cerere. (Nu ca ti-ar fi prea greu, avand in vedere faptul ca asta e copy paste)
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    cerere moderator C.o.D**

  11. Skadi

    cerere moderatori

    Rejected, don't come back with another request.
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    Cerere Designer

  13. Skadi

    Gallery - Eq_SeDaN*

  14. Skadi

    cerere moderatori

    Rejected, copy-pasted request.
  15. Skadi

    cerere designer

    As I said last time, unless you improve your text we can't accept you.
  16. Skadi

    Where is banlist

    Make an unban request here.
  17. Skadi

    Cerere canal RS.RANGFORT.RO 

    Canal creat, pentru gradul de Fondator lasa-mi mesaj cand esti pe TS.
  18. Skadi

    Cerere Designer - SteFan.

    Rejected, you still have work to do on your text.
  19. Skadi

    request admin leader + beneficii

    Too many useless posts in this topic. I will lock it until a Server Manager will respond. Also, @Black Beard has been suspended.
  20. Skadi

    cerere designer

    Rejected, stop making requests.
  21. Skadi

    Cerere Designer - Spider

  22. Skadi

    Cerere Mod