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    My Pc

    My real name: Ahsan Khan Age: 18 * PC Dell processor: Intel ® Core ™ i5-3210M CPU @2.50Ghz, 2501 MHz Video card: Intel® HD Graphics 4000 Memory: 8GB HDD: 1.6TB Monitor: IBM Keyboard: DELL Mouse: WIRELESS HP (Hewelett Packard) Headphones: SOUNDX (Japanese) speakers: SONY Bass Boosters Microphone: N/A pictures:
  2. Nick : NoFear [;x] Your name: Ahsan Khan Age : 18 City: Lahore Country: Pakistan Occupation: College Favorite games: Clash of clans, Cs 1.6 Hobbies: Play Games Short description about yourself: Im a PRO player that just joined a community. How did you find out about Rangfort Community?: From Gametrack Link server and from Google Forum Friends in the community: Nope Picture (not mandatory) : Closing phrase :- Respect me I will Respect you
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