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  1. SOSOA^_^

    Gallery - Spider

    bro how you make the borders like this?
  2. SOSOA^_^

    Cerere Semnatura

    @MotaNell https://imgur.com/a/cWLjGr2
  3. SOSOA^_^

    [ArtWork] {SOSOA^_^}

  4. SOSOA^_^

    cerere SLOT

  5. SOSOA^_^

    Schimbare nick

    because i want to and what is up with the wargod Link? if you dont know what is crosshair AWP then i feel sorry for you in every NVIDIA 8 everyone have it
  6. SOSOA^_^


  7. SOSOA^_^

    Schimbare nick

    1. Current Nick: SOSOA^_^ 2. New Nick: AmG | RisKy 3. Current rank on server: GOD
  8. SOSOA^_^

    Cerere Upgrade

    Look at the the report wiz khalifa made then look at my reply
  9. SOSOA^_^

    Cerere Upgrade

    i have right if you don't want me insult you then change the way you talk, its like you are starting fight i see that 2 minute is eternity for you i don't want to every 2 minutes quit the game and then again reconnect others admins gonna make report about me how i always reconnect
  10. SOSOA^_^

    Banlist -SOSOA^_^

    1.nick Admin: SOSOA^_^ 2. Nick coded: ~Spe3d.^On~ 3. Ip: 4. SteamID: - 5. Date: 12/24/18 -8:39 PM 6. Theme: no ss 7. Proof (demo / ss): https://imgur.com/a/anBLnet
  11. SOSOA^_^

    Cerere Upgrade

    and please dont be idiot cause everytime i was afk for only couple of minutes i was going to toilet or helping my mom with few things, checking forums.
  12. SOSOA^_^

    Reclamatie Geazy

    bruh look at the proofs i have, once we were at the game i killed him immediatly at A ZONE with shotgun then he left the game and reconnected then he killed 2 players https://imgur.com/a/mCvIFba
  13. SOSOA^_^

    Cerere slot

  14. SOSOA^_^

    Cerere Upgrade

    1. Name: SOSOA^_^ 2. Current grade: GOD 3. The degree you want: CO-OWNER 4. STEAM ID: 5. Hours accumulated on the server (Gametracker ): https://www.gametracker.com/player/SOSOA^_^/ i know i have low hours but if you give me a chance i can definitely prove myself 6. Why do you want to upgrade? : like i said i want up for better motivation and to be a role model to other admins or players and teach them what they dont know or to help New players the way to play or what behaviour they need if they want admin or something. 7. Link from last request: https://rangfort.ro/forum/topic/68977-cerere-upgrade/ Also check out my artwork page at the last reply there is 20 FREE AVATARS YOU CAN USE -XMAS GIFTS FROM ME https://rangfort.ro/forum/topic/68953-artwork-sosoa_/?tab=comments#comment-473310