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  1. Best^

    [Furien] Cerere ADMIN

    Contra Read server rules and wait 15 days
  2. Best^

    cerere up/helper

    Contra from me.
  3. Best^


    Your Nick: 7even The complainant's nick: ugc Date and time : now Reason for complaint: He just slapping furiens when they plant the bomb,and when I told him why did he do that he start lbj me and saying "shut up" Proof (accept only print to console / demo /snapshot): https://postimg.cc/gallery/15hxopgqk/ Other: Remove this noob admin.
  4. Best^

    Remove ugc

    And why all time when I'm join I see guy who in banlist and admin which don't ban him? And now I'm looking in server with gametracker and i see guys which in banlist and admins which don't ban them. Current admins online now : Madafak, Zabana , Zets , K10 (I think he is afk) and 212r but I think he is helper so it's ok Banlist : Lonber and Rap (I would ban them but I don't have pc right now) And I wanna say it again this topic should look and close only @Cord I do not want to offend those admins whom I wrote, and I am not angry with them. it's just a big mistake guys , you have to look at such things, because you are ADMINS.
  5. Best^

    Remove ugc

    Are you serios guys? Look at this banlist In fact, all admins who were online should get down, and rap should get banned And I think that topic should look and close only @Cord.
  6. Best^

    Cerere HELPER

    Wait 15 days
  7. Best^

    Request Up

    I say pro
  8. Best^

    Cerere slot

    Wait 15 days
  9. Best^

    Cerere HELPER

    Contra from me. You dont have exp and you make camp! You are not ready for it.
  10. Best^

    Request Helper

    Stop make admin request
  11. Best^

    Request for ADMINISTRATOR

    Stop make admin request.
  12. Best^


    1. Rules 2. Hours 3. 15 days 4. Contra