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  1. Sup To All Of You Buddies . I Missed All Of You ... Now , I'm Sending This Song To All Of You 


  2. Hello All!

    Phaa This Is My Favourite Game ! 


  3. Hey All Administrators Moderators Or Supermoderators i wanna know why i have 0 Warning Points And Down 2 By Skadi And 2 By Cazador ?

    Send Me This In Private Message...

  4. hi

    1. MAJED VIP


      مرحبا انا اريد ان اصبح معكم ادمن ؟

  5. Hello StraWBerry This Is My Nickname and pm

    Name : BAN$!

    PM : I Can Play 2 hours or 1 hour

  6. im to rangfort

    im BAN$!

    1. Cristiano7 _ Cr7*

      Cristiano7 _ Cr7*

      dnt message on public

      go to personal


    hi blabla poti face cu administratorul MODERATOR

    Nume: BAN$!

    1. blabla


      You need to post in that server's forum category.

    2. hjkl-IsPrO


      Thank you



  8. My Favourite City Is Pristina  



  9. Mero^ You Know Me IM hjkl Can You Do Me Admin Plss plss

    Name : BAN$!


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