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  1. Akash Thakur


    Rejected You don't have enough time T/c
  2. Akash Thakur

    request admin

    Accepted as helper Send nick and pw in private message
  3. Akash Thakur


    Unbanned but if you next time slap a terrorist then u will get removed
  4. Akash Thakur

    request upgrade

    Accepted T/c
  5. Akash Thakur


    Admin Rules: 1. No admin has right to start the fight on server or to use commands on other admins (expect amx_ss), expecting the moment when an admin is using commands with no reason (remove); 2. An admin doesn't have the right to use serious commands, such as amx_ban, amx_pika on the player that respect the rules of server (the commands will be used as per the situation at that time); 3. The map vote will be in the last 5 minutes of the current map and it will contain at least 2 maps; 4. All admins must be online on forum as well as in game and respond to admin/ban/unban requests with pro/against and give the reason of the choice(Otherwise -1/remove); 5. No admin can use the commands (amx_say, amx_csay, amx_tsay, amx_slap, amx_slay, amx_kick) for his own profit like abusing and winning by slaying (Otherwise -1/remove) 6. The admins is forced to look upon the hackers and cheater on the server, the admin will move himself to the spectator and will take a look at that player, making a demo/photos before using any command on him (-1/remove according to the admin mistake); 7. The admin only can change the name of player if it contains swearings or it an advertising to another server; 8. When you make photos to a player you should wait from 3-5 minutes to receive the photos before you can use commands on that player, because not all of us have high-power internet connection (-1/remove); 9. The admins forced to give gag for improper language, but maximum 5 minutes, For serious swearin, repeatedly you will use ban for 10 minutes. You won't use ban directly. (-1/remove); 10. Admins are not allowed to swear on the server, it doesn't matter if you say it on u@ or on the normal chat (-1/remove); 11. When an admin bans a player permanently then he will forced to post his ban details on forum immediately in section FURIEN | BANLIST.(Otherwise Remove) 11. At the field "Have you read the rules?" in the admin request you will respond: "not now" RULES FOR ALL THE PLAYERS [FURIEN/ANTI FURIEN] 1. It is not allowed to use the swear language or abusive language on server. 2. It is not allowed to reconnect when you get gag from an admin (Otherwise 10 minutes ban); 3. The Using of any hack/cheat is not allowed (permanent ban + destroy); 4. It is not allowed to use developer 1/fps_override 1/strafe hack/cfgs for no-recoil/silent aim (Otherwise permanent ban + destroy); 5. The players are not allowed to being afk because they will keep the slot occupied (otherwise kick); 6. Anti Furiens are not allowed to make Camp/Turnback/Textures on the map(slay/kick/ban 10 minutes) 7. Only last Anti-Furien can turnback. Furien Rules: 1. They are forced to plant the bomb until the round ends or to kill all the anti furiens (Slay); 2. You are not allowed to plant more than 2 HEs Where the bomb is planted (kick); 3. The bomb can be planted in the last 60 seconds of the round;
  6. Akash Thakur

    Furien.Rangfort.Ro - Recrutare admini !

    Accepted as Leader send nick pass in personal message
  7. As the title says, we are looking for Admins We are willing to offer you all grades as per on the basis of your activity on server *Every field is Required Model 1.Name : 2.Age: 3.Nick in the game: 4. how we can contact you? 5..Hours played? (GameTracker.com Link Required) 6.How long time you been admin or have you experience? : 7.how long hours you can be active? (min 1-2 hours):
  8. Akash Thakur

    [Model] Server Proposals

    Model Server Proposals 1. What is your suggestion?: 2. How this helps the server?: 3. Reason: 4. Other details:
  9. Model for Change Nick 1. Current Nick: 2. Nick you want: 3. Current rank on server: 4. Why u want to change your nick?: Caution. If you want to change nick, you also loos the hours of last nick. You can make request for new nick one time of month
  10. Akash Thakur

    [Model] Posting Bans

    The pattern of a ban-list 1. Nick Admin 2. Nick coded: 3. Ip: 4. SteamID: 5. Date: 6. Theme: 7. Proof (demo / ss): WARNING! All the admins must hold the Ban-list, otherwise you risk being sanctioned. Follow the pattern every time you post a BAN. Every admin needs to open his own topic where he will post all his bans.
  11. Akash Thakur

    [Model] Report Admin

    Model Report Admin 1. Your Nick: 2. The Complainant's Nick: 3. Reason for Complaint: 4. Proof:(print to console/snapshot/demo): 5. Other: Some Important: The topic's title must be in the form "Report x", where "x" is the admin's name. Don't use the swearing and abusive words as a topic's title otherwise you topic will be closed and moved to archive. All topic's which does not use the above model will be closed and remain unconsidered.
  12. Akash Thakur

    [Model] Request Unban

    Model for Request Unban 1.Your Nick: 2.Admin's Nick: 3.The reason for banning: 4.Date: 5.Proof: 6.Steam Your ID: 7.Your IP: 8.Other: Important! All fields are required! Just the founders will give the answer with the final decision, you risk warn at admin! The admin who gave the money has 10 hours to present the evidence!
  13. Akash Thakur

    [Model] Request Upgrade

    Model for Request UpGrade 1. Your Nick: 2. The grade you have: 3. The grade you want: 4. Link Hours(GameTracker): 5. Why you want to upgrade: 6. Link with last request: Some Important: Your one request is rejected you then you are eligible for another upgrade request after 5 days. You don't follow the above model then your request will be rejected.
  14. Akash Thakur

    [Model] Request Slot

    Model for Request Slot 1. Your Nick: 2. Age: 3. Link Hours(GameTracker): 4. Have You read the rules?: 5. Other Specification: 6. Link with last request: Information If you one request is rejected then you are eligible for next request after next 2 days
  15. Akash Thakur

    [Model] Reqeust Admin

    Model for Request Admin 1. Your Nick: 2. Age: 3. Your Country: 4. Can you online between (2:00 AM to 12:00 PM): 5. Link Your hours (GameTracker): 6. Have you read the rules?: 7.Why you want to be admin here: 8. Other Speciation: 9. Link with last request: 10. Will you help the server with donation?: Information Your one request is rejected then you are eligible for another request after 2 days. You don't follow the given model then your request will be rejected and topic will be closed. We have fully right to Accept/Reject your request without giving any reason.