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  1. Akash Thakur

    Furien.Rangfort.Ro - Recrutare admini !

    Accepted as Leader send nick pass in personal message
  2. As the title says, we are looking for Admins We are willing to offer you all grades as per on the basis of your activity on server *Every field is Required Model 1.Name : 2.Age: 3.Nick in the game: 4. how we can contact you? 5..Hours played? (GameTracker.com Link Required) 6.How long time you been admin or have you experience? : 7.how long hours you can be active? (min 1-2 hours):
  3. Akash Thakur

    Cerere edit

    Name : Edit Version: - Detailed description: Can anyone edit this plugin for me .sma file here . See output in images https://imgur.com/a/1cx5pjd i hope anyone can help me thanks !
  4. Akash Thakur

    Cerere support

    Server: I M NOT MANAGER YET Nick: Akash Thakur What do you want help for? : I need a plugin such that "Fondator" "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuwx" get "150 HP & 150AP PER KILL" "OWNER" "abcdefghijklmnopqrst" get "120 HP & 120 AP PER KILL" "CO-OWNER" "abcdefghjklmnpqot" get "100 HP & 100 AP PER KILL" "GOD + BENEFITS" "bcefgjmnpqs" get "80 HP & 80 AP PER KILL" "VIP" "abetr" get "50 HP & 50 AP PER KILL" "GOD" "bcdefgjmnpq" get "20 HP & 20 AP PER KILL" "MODERATOR" "bcefjmnpq" get "20 HP & 20 AP PER KILL" "ADMINISTRATOR" "bcefjmnp" get "20 HP & 20 AP PER KILL" "HELPER" "befjmn" get "20 HP & 20 AP PER KILL" "SLOT" "b" get "20 HP & 20 AP PER KILL" I m very thankful to my helpers!!