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  1. kIss.MeBack


    contra read rules man
  2. kIss.MeBack

    Admin/Helper Request

    Good luck. play a lot
  3. kIss.MeBack

    cerere admin/helper

    1.Name:Male 2.nick:kIss. 3. ID Y! M / STEAM"my steam name _darkseiide_ 4.Have you read the rules ?:BienSur! 5.Link GameTracker:https://www.gametracker.com/player/kIss./ 6.Why do you want admin here? :i can help the server and play and slay campers and ban cheaters 7.Describes your activity in recent days:i play in server and watch cheaters and campers 8.Admin on day or night?: yes i join the server every day 2-3 hours 9.Can you help the server with a donation ?:for the time being with time yes