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  1. kIss.MeBack

    cerere HELPER

    Very Big Contra. Camper and no read ruls and does not leave admins
  2. kIss.MeBack

    Report TI9A GANG

    Your Nick: kIss. The complainant's nick: TI9A GANG Date and time : Now Reason for complaint: TI9A GANG go spec and transfer me to ct ... i say ? Your okay? and say me help. what is that?? Proof (accept only print to console / demo /snapshot): https://imgur.com/a/5Sd2NnN Other: Read and respect ruls again TI9A GANG ok?
  3. kIss.MeBack


    Pro Good Luck. Come back fast ❤️
  4. kIss.MeBack

    cerere HELPER

    No helper get this mod back Pro.
  5. kIss.MeBack

    Back my admin!

    man i get my admin but i cerere nick. Mld accepted and my admin lost... no add me new name..
  6. kIss.MeBack

    Back my admin!

    1.Name:kIss. 2.nick:kIss. 3.ID Y!M / STEAM: _darkseiide_ 4.Have you read the rules ?:BienSur! 5.Link GameTracker:https://www.gametracker.com/player/kIss./ server reseted but i have 300 hours 6.Why do you want admin here? :Help the server ... players no get back admin and all player camp/tb.. 7.Describes your activity in recent days:every day 2 hours no online players.. 8.Admin on day or night?:Day 2-3 hours 9.Can you help the server with a donation ?:I donated..
  7. kIss.MeBack

    Helper me pls

    Contra. 1. Wrong model 2.ruls
  8. kIss.MeBack

    cerere nick

    Proo. Good Luck Brother ❤️
  9. kIss.MeBack

    Again problem

    Man wait no request all problem moved.
  10. kIss.MeBack

    [Furien] Cerere ADMIN

    Contra. Ruls
  11. kIss.MeBack

    cerere nick

    1. Current Nick: kIss. 2. New Nick: N1 SouL 3. Current rank on server: Owner+beneficii
  12. kIss.MeBack

    cerere up/helper

    Now. Up.
  13. kIss.MeBack

    banlist kIss.

    1.nick Admin:kIss. 2. Nick coded:Y2K^DAVID 3. Ip: 4. SteamID: - 5. Date: now 6. Theme:use wh say me admins and players 7. Proof (demo / ss):https://imgur.com/a/otFdB2r
  14. kIss.MeBack

    cerere up/helper

    Contra. Man you no online and how delete hours? omg
  15. hi kiss bro send message a cord 

    nick and pass