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  1. HmB12

    cerere UP

    Pro Good luck
  2. HmB12

    Cerere upgrade 212r3d4

    Pro but more activity
  3. HmB12


    Nick : HmB12 Your name: steven Age : 12 City: Roma Country: italia Occupation: Favorite games: cs 1.6 Hobbies: Football Short description about yourself: i am the best player How did you find out about Rangfort Community?: from old server furien.rangfort.ro Friends in the community: @Best^ Picture (not mandatory) : - Closing phrase : -
  4. HmB12

    Cerere avatar

    ty for the photo!
  5. HmB12

    Cserere absent

    Kiss but the title is cerere absent not cerere retrageri Good Luck.
  6. HmB12

    Cerere avatar

    Avatar/Semnatura/Logo/Banner/etc : Avatar Tema pozei / Stock-ul dorit ( obligatoriu ) : https://imgur.com/2Hy4pM2 Text principal : HmB12 Text secundar ( rangfort / www.rangfort.ro / nume ) : furien.rangfort.ro Alte precizari : mulțumesc Link de la ultima cerere: nu am, deoarece a fost șters de problema technic
  7. Your Nick: HmB12 The complainant's nick: you Date and time : now Reason for complaint: he slap me and me admin . Proof (accept only print to console / demo /snapshot): https://imgur.com/a/HzQ2gzw Other: -1 or remove.
  8. HmB12

    Report RIYAD

    CONTRA. RIYAD is good admin.
  9. HmB12

    raport You

    Pro remove.
  10. HmB12


    Pro slot.
  11. HmB12

    req for slot

    you not admin for say PRO/CONTRA.