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  1. 1.Nick HmB12 2.The reason for absence? I dont have internet 3.How much time you will be absent? Maybe 20 days 4.Other details and when this time finish i will play every day 4 hours
  2. HmB12

    ecrere Slot

    Contra read the rules
  3. HmB12

    Helper me pls

    Pro slot
  4. HmB12

    Cerere slot - xRay

    Contra idiot player.
  5. HmB12

    Back my admin!

    PRO you donate for get owner benifici
  6. HmB12

    Cerere Helper

    Pro Good luck my bro
  7. 1.Name: ZAKARIA 2.nick: HmB12 3.ID Y!M / STEAM - 4.Have you read the rules ?: of course 5.Link GameTracker: you restart the sv you know i have hours 6.Why do you want admin here? : for help the sv 7.Describes your activity in recent days: maybe 3 hours 8.Admin on day or night : day and night 9.Can you help the server with a donation ?: sorry i cant
  8. HmB12

    cerere nick

  9. HmB12

    Remove Favelas

    Pro remove.
  10. HmB12

    upgrade to mod

    Contra you dont have hours.
  11. HmB12

    creri slot

    Pro slot.
  12. HmB12

    Cereri slot

    Pro slot.
  13. 1. Name: HmB12 2. Current grade: GOD 3. The degree you want: C-OWNER 4. STEAM ID:- 5. Hours accumulated on the server (Gametracker ): https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ (this my name ) https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ ( this my name to ) https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ ( this my name to ) i know i dont have enoujh time but give me achance 6. Why do you want to upgrade? : for help the sever 7. Link from last request: