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  1. mitsos

    dnz plz do somethink... boromir want zippshare but i can not  create accound there...  https://imgur.com/gallery/u2QgkVg see photos ... 

  2. boromir why? https://imgur.com/gallery/u2QgkVg see photos

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    2. mitsos


      ok wait


    3. mitsos


      boromir? how i create account there?


    4. BoRoMiR


      put the pictures on a private message without putting them on


  3. mitsos

    request fos dmin

    Nick : mitsos Steam ID (cifre): STEAM_1:0:360418644 Varsta 34 Motivul cererii de admin: I want to help the server .. and to support the other players for the best and the right game.
  4. boromir how i can find you now? in server we have hackers!!!

    im mitsos