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  1. I got kicked out from Reddevil,ro-respawn. Now can't go to any server , sayin' timed out. Asking for some scans, What is this radicilous thing can anyone reply? 

  2. I've got kicked out and my cs i screwed. For NO REASON! Now i can't play on any server , even if i get in one my game is not working properly. What is this radicilous shit some of you admins did , how to fix it?
  3. I've got kicked out from reddevil respawn server , srewing my cs..so I can't play anywhere now , saying connection timed out. I don't care if i get ban , but what is this shit? Asking for some scans, witch i did. And still i can't play. This is radicilous since i got no cheats on my game!
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