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  1. Actually i dont see the reason to remove your Moderator grad @Mero^.. @BlackPearl why would he scam his forum Adminstrator? its just an amx_off he was just joking. the amx_off command normally close all the Plugins so the "VIP" plugin ofc will be closed Thats why your vip didnt work at that time but he also did amx_on after just seconds..
  2. Report Admin Model __________________________________________________________________ Your nick : Admin nick : Date & Time : Reason for complaint : Proof (REQUIRED) : Any another words :
  3. Cerere Schimbare Nume Model ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Current name : New name : Reason :
  4. CERERE UNBAN MODEL ______________________________________________________________________ Your NICK : Your IP : Your STEAMID : The reason you got banned for : Name of the admin who banned you : Proof :
  5. Accepted as helper send me pw&nick in prv
  6. CERERE UPGRADE MODEL ___________________________________________________________________________________ Your Nickname : Your Age : How can we contact you (Facebook, Steam, etc..) : Your Current grade : Grade you want : Link of hours you played (Gametracker) : Why you want to be upgraded : Can you help the server with a donation :
  7. CERERE SLOT MODEL ___________________________________________________________________________________ Your Nickname : Your Age : Link of hours you played (Gametracker) :
  8. CERERE ADMIN MODEL ___________________________________________________________________________________ Your Nickname : Your Age : How can we contact you (Facebook, Steam, etc..) : Link of hours you played (Gametracker) : Why you want to be admin : Have you read the Rules/Regulations : Can you help the server with a donation : _____________________________________________________________________________________
  9. BENEFITS PRICES ___________________________________________ BENEFITS + ADMIN ACCESS Manager Server : 30 Euro Diamond Member + Access : 25 Euro Platinum Member + Access : 20 Euro Gold Member + Access : 15 Euro Silver Member + Access : 10 Euro ________________________________________________________________________________ BENEFITS Diamond Member : 5 Euro Platinum Member : 3 Euro Gold Member : 2 Euro Silver Member : 1 Euro __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. Post in this topic when you boost the server Boost is one of the reasons why you can receive admin/ upgrade/ other benefits !! _______________________________________________________ Nick : Boost Time :
  11. To requist for admin you must have enough hours to be accepted. ____________________________________________________________________________ Slot : 2 Hours Helper : 7 Hours Moderator : 15 Hours Global Moderator : 30 Hours Adminstrator : 50 Hours ____________________________________________________________________________ To know how much hours you played you have to go to the server GameTracker and search your nick.
  12. | PLAYERS RULES | Anti-Furiens are not allowed to turnback (TB) or Camp , This is strictly forbidden , Howerver Only last player is allowed to turnback. You are not allowed to advertise any community server or any fourms links , except " RANGFORT.RO ". If you caught during advertising other servers You will be Permenently (BANNED). You are not allowed to use bad language / Abusive language. Anti-Furiens are not allowed to climb Up the texture of any Map. You have the right to post only 1 admin / slot request in a week ( 7 days ) . The Last Furien has the Obligation to attack Anti-Furien Team. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | ADMIN RULES | It is strictly forbidden to use commands on other admins. (- 1 / remove) All admins are required to check say_team @ to check members' posts. At the Admin Request , at the point Have you read the Rules/Regulations You must say " maybe " You are not allowed to get admin in other servers. If you think that other admin is hacking or using scripts u must complaint him in "Reclamatie Admin" section. If you are on a big map and the number of players is very low, use the command amx_votemap followed by 2-3 maps (smaller) before changing announce by saying @ is the last round. You Must have see members admins / slot request , you must post if that Person is good for server or not good for server . when there are a large number of players on the server (ex 28/32) it is mandatory for 2 admins to be a spectator to check the progress of the game. As admins you are not allowed to insult or offend in any form (- 1 / remove). You cannot abuse the "say @ & tsay & csay" commands (- 1 / remove). Do not use admin as an advantage & abuse in front of other. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. InoSuke


    @Manel also i love furien classic :))
  14. sometimes its help and another times it wast my time :')
  15. InoSuke


    Nick : BarrySoka. Your name: Muhamed Age :14 City: Cairo Country: Egypt Occupation: Nothing Favorite games: BF 4 - Fortnite - Pubg steam - CS - GTA V.. Hobbies: Stunts Short description about yourself: bad guy How did you find out about Rangfort Community?: Idk Friends in the community: Mero Picture (not mandatory) : i am ugly Closing phrase : I AM PHENOMENAL.
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