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  1. CONTRA Copy paste another admin's upgrade request on question nr.5
  2. Servercs.tk: 72 Topg.org: 41 Cssetti: 174 Pserverspy: 69 got it
  3. CONTRA You just made another aplication a day after the first one was rejected, still didnt read the rules.
  4. CONTRA Cant be helper with 10 hours in my opinion.
  5. 1.Nume Admin: Thatch- 2. Nume codat: knoxy 3. Ip: 4. SteamID: STEAM_1:0:104797380 5. Data: 10/16/2020 6. Motiv: WALL+ not presenting ss. after 10 minutes of waiting he gave me a photo of his monitor... i tried to guide him thinking he doesnt know how to find them, but he was just making fun. 7. Dovada(demo/ss):
  6. CONTRA ! Second time you make a request, still didnt read the rules, still with a stolen name.
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