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  1. 1.Name: russ 2.Current grade: Moderator 3.The degree you want: GOD 4.Hours accumulated on the server GameTracker:https://www.gametracker.com/player/russ/ 5.Why do you want to upgrade?: i spent enough time on moderator 6.Link from last request: first request
  2. Servercs.tk: 31 Topg.org: 29 Cssetti: 34 Pserverspy: 30

    1. Cazador


      we never heard this before

    2. russ


      @Cazador what does that mean? 

      You mean its good or bad?

  4. russ

    [GIFT] Manel

  5. 1.Name: Aissa 2.Nick: russ 3.Age: 20 4.Facebook / Steam: Aissa islam / no steam 5.Have you read the rules ?: yes i did 6.Link GameTracker: https://www.gametracker.com/player/russ/ 7.Why do you want admin here? : Cos i wanna help the server...and protect it from hackers and players who break rules 8.Admin on day or night?: both 9.Can you help the server with a donation ?: sorry , i can't.
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