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  1. CONTRA Your application is made in a mockery, u didn't even put comma's , u dont start a sentence with a Up letter and you write words wrong.
  2. Pro, as Manel and Mero said, the server needs helpers, if not, she can start with slot, Manel or Mero decision.
  3. 1.Name: $enku ( The name on the server) 2.Age(Minimum 15 year): 17 3.Steam/Contact: Discord : Chrisuu Andrey#7053 4.How long do you play CS?: Cs 1.6 -> 4 years. 5.Can you help financially the server?: Yes, but not for free. 6.Amx experience: I was moderator on a JB server and a helper on a furien server, i know the amx commands very good. 7.Have you read the rules?: BienSur.
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