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Cerere Moderator Erik. | ACCEPTAT

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Nume =>


# Cristi

Nick =>


# Erick Forsgren

Vârstă =>


# 17.

Motiv =>


# It's a staff that respect and I would love pleasure to be part of it, and I want to help the development community.

Adresa de contact =>


# Cristi_rf@yahoo.com Or here by Private Message (Pm)

Timp alocat forumului =>


# 3-4 Hours per day

Ce secţiuni doreşti să moderezi? =>


# International Forum.

De ce ai ales aceste sectiuni? =>


# Because I speak English and this section dedicated for Englishes, and I can handle it and use it simultaneously.

De ce doreşti să moderezi în această comunitate? =>


# Because I like rangfort, and I would like to be on staff

Ai mai moderat pe IPB? =>


# Yes.

Ce înţelegi prin "Post hunt"? =>


# It is to do a post pointless

Ce înţelegi prin "Dublu post"? =>


# Post made a member of the same topic, one after another


Ce înseamnă "Warez"? =>


# Piracy


Ce înseamnă "NSFW"? =>


# Not safe from work!, +18

Care este diferenţa dintre post hunt şi off-topic? =>


# Post-hunt is a useless job, done like, off-topic post is made besides the subject topic.


Ce planuri ai ca să sporeşti activitatea membrilor în secţiunile pe care doreşti să le moderezi ? =>


# New ideas, inspiration, what curiosity members.

Ai citit regulamentul forumului ? =>


# Of course I read them and understood.


P.s =>


# I did open another request for moderator hoping accepted, and I want also to continue on designer section, I'm sorry if I should wait 7 days and do another request but I'm really very interested and very excited to become moderator

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1 Moderator is enough to handle a section like the section International Fourm , But still since we are in the same side , and aiming for the same Thing , I say Why not? 


# Pro.


# Mult Succes ! 


P.s :- I know that you did it because of what you understood from blabla , But next time , Please wait 7 days , Ty for your interest.

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