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LondoN eXtream

AMX SS [2016 Update]

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Descriere: Cu ultimele guarduri aparute, pluginurile vechi nu mai fac fata, in sensul ca comanda screenshot trimisa cu client_cmd nu are efect. Eu astazi (la cererea unui utilizator) am creat un plugin de amx_ss care functioneaza pe aproximativ 90% din CS-uri (Inclusiv Steam ON)


Nume Plugin: SS Taker (2016 Update)

Versiune: 1.0

Autor: LondoN eXtream




1. Fisierul ss_taker.sma il puneti in folderul scripting

2. Fisierul ss_taker.amxx il puneti in folderul plugins

3. In plugins.ini adaugam:




Cum folosim Comanda SS:


amx_ss <nume jucator> <ID Mess> - Ii face 3 poze




#include <amxmodx>
#include <amxmisc>
#include <cstrike>

public plugin_init()
    register_plugin("Screen Shot", "1.0", "LondoN eXtream");
    register_concmd("amx_ss", "g_bCmdSS", ADMIN_BAN, "<user> <id> - Face jucatorului 3 poze");

public g_bCmdSS(id, level, cid)
    if(!cmd_access(id, level, cid, 2))
        return PLUGIN_HANDLED;
    new Jucator[32], ID[32];
    new TargetName[32], AdminName[32];
    new g_Target;
    read_argv(1, Jucator, charsmax(Jucator));
    read_argv(2, ID, charsmax(ID));
    if(equal(Jucator, "") || equal(ID, ""))
        return PLUGIN_HANDLED;
    g_Target = cmd_target(id, Jucator, 9);
        return PLUGIN_HANDLED;
    client_director("screenshot", g_Target);
    client_director("screenshot", g_Target);
    client_director("screenshot", g_Target);
    cs_set_user_team(id, CS_TEAM_SPECTATOR);
    get_user_name(id, AdminName, charsmax(AdminName));
    get_user_name(id, TargetName, charsmax(TargetName));
    zp_colored_print(g_Target, "^x04[SS]^x01 Adminul^x04 %s^x01 ti-a facut^x04 3^x01 poze!", AdminName);
    zp_colored_print(g_Target, "^x04[SS]^x01 Pozele le predai la ID-ul^x04 %s^x01 !", ID);
    zp_colored_print(0, "^x04[SS]^x01 Adminul^x04 %s^x01 i-a facut^x04 3^x01 poze lui^x04 %s^x01 !", AdminName, TargetName);

stock client_director(const cmd[], id = 0)
    message_begin(MSG_ONE, 51, _, id);

    ZP Colored Print (zombieplague.inc)
zp_colored_print(target, const message[], any:...) {
    static buffer[512], i, argscount
    argscount = numargs()
    static g_msgSayText;
        g_msgSayText = get_user_msgid("SayText");
    if (!target)
        static player
        for (player = 1; player <= get_maxplayers(); player++)
            if (!is_user_connected(player))
            static changed[5], changedcount
            changedcount = 0
            for (i = 2; i < argscount; i++)
                if (getarg(i) == LANG_PLAYER)
                    setarg(i, 0, player)
                    changed[changedcount] = i
            vformat(buffer, charsmax(buffer), message, 3)
            message_begin(MSG_ONE_UNRELIABLE, g_msgSayText, _, player)
            for (i = 0; i < changedcount; i++)
                setarg(changed[i], 0, LANG_PLAYER)
        vformat(buffer, charsmax(buffer), message, 3)
        message_begin(MSG_ONE, g_msgSayText, _, target)

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