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[Tutorial] Client installation and configuration DCS.


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Customer DC, is a small little program, which through a network similar kind P2P, you can share all documents, games, movies, music, everything you need you with other participants who are part of the same network.


Basically, install that program, and you choose a hub server, a very wide variety of lists. And simply cotrobaiesti by each participant in the network to see what has made share. Highlight its not let you delete anything, just to download and view what each has.


Some hubs have limitations, eg, does not let you're connected, if you have at least 5/10 GB of files to share a nickname properly, or a certain number of upload slots. So I have to learn how to configure it in a few steps.


1. Install any client DC, either OCD or ApexDC or DC, etc. The procedure is similar. I will describe the procedure ODC.

2. install.

3. When you open, appears a small window, configure it.

4. In the tab "General" will fill the nickname, e-mail (is optional), the description (this is optional) you write two words for you, Connection type / Upload speed, select the delivery method of the Internet. I left it on the LAN always.

If you have public IPs, let conectiunea "Active", and if you IPs private, it is possible to go faster by utilizing liabilities.

5. In the tab "Downloads" to "Default download directory", select the file d-your target for downloads, and the "Unfinished downloads directory, you can leave it blank if you want, files that can be downloaded, and are not ready was you all download in the directory specified above.

The rest leave it.

6. In the "Sharnig" must, in our turn we to put something that others in turn, can download from us. You can add movies, games, music, everything you have in your PC.

7. upload slots, should we set a figure not less than five but not more than 10. Say, 8. The upload slots, understand, about how many people can download simultaneously from Mr. yours. Some hubs, you restriction least 4, 5, so it's good to be a little more generous.

8. After we set above steps, we can hit the "OK" button.

9. we must add an address hub, so that we can connect to a server. Click on the yellow star to add a hub address.

10. Click "New ...".

11. set the hostname, and in the "Address" an address search on google are the hundreds of thousands.

12. We strike "Ok".

13. tick box as to connect automatically each reopening the program.

14. Double-click and ... ready.


If all went according to plan, you will have to experience something like mIRC server. I mean, on the right a list of all users, and left a chat general. The difference is that we can connect to each one from the list on the left, and download anything you find in sharing his.


We can also look for something using "magnifying glass" in the toolbar. I'm sure you will find everything you are looking for.


A small hint, look hubs closer to your town. You will get download speeds somewhat higher, and quickly viewing much higher.


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