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Rules / Reguli ==> Veterani, Cowneri la moduri (mods)

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Aveti voie  sa va dati 2 moduri la alegere dintre Sniper, Survivor, Nemesis, Asasin
Aveti voie sa dati - 1 armaggedon odata la 2 mape
                                        - plague, swarm, multipla infectie, apocalypse , Survivor vs assassin , NightMare cu limita bunului simt
You are allowed to give yourself 2 mods at your choice Sniper , Survivor, Nemesis, Assassin
You are allowed to give - 1 armageddon once after 2 maps
                                   - plague, swarm, multiple infection, apocalypse , Survivor vs assassin , NightMare try not to abuse of that 

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