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Plugin [M4A1-S-Born-Beast]

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!#! Title: [Plugin] M4A1-S-Born-Beast]
# Description: This weapon is from Crossfire i think and it's VIP
# Cvar: It must be changed from a scripting

# link Download: https://www5.zippyshare.com/v/qP1L61fO/file.html

 # IInstallation: 

=> The file m4a1_born_beast.sma put it in addons / amxmodx / scripting
=> The file m4a1_born_beast.amxx put it in addons / amxmodx / plugins
=> Go to the addons / amxmodx / configs / plugins.ini file and add the following: m4a1_born_beast.amxx

=> The file models put it in folder cstrike

=> The file sound put it in folder cstrike

Same pictures about Weapon

https://ibb.co/ci2TAp https://ibb.co/cjJRVp

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