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2.Admin's Nick: Tchitaki

3.The reason for banning: he banned me for nothing just i do BGS all know my BGS on srw and he saying hack go give WG bruh so many time gone check my WG my WG checked from all Fondators now im an old player than Tchitaki soo it in your hands who gona believe I also had witnesses like RYIAD and SiGmA so I will not say much more about a young guy who has started to use the admin with such a high degree of gratitude that has paid but believe me the principal he does not deserve it because for the first he has broken the rules of an administrator himself in the rules you have written you should not use any command on another admin so i dont  want to say more words to you this is in your hands now to trust him or to trust  me

4.Date: 14.09.2018

5.Proof: https://imgur.com/a/rByY8Na there's my pictures capture when he banned me but hidden name By Console 

6.Steam Your ID: 

7.Your Ip:

8.Other: i dont know why all Hate me really i want do a work admin nothing more i Swear and i not have hack or anything else .....

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