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Cristiano7 _ Cr7*

Abuse Admin : Ban$!

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Your Name : Cr7 

Claim Admin Name : Ban$! 

Date and time : 30 September , 18     3:32PM According to Indian Standard Time (IST) 

Reason for Complain : He abusivly asked me to give some ammo and said if I will not give he will SLAY me.. I reject him & he Slayed me

Other Information : According to the Rule/Regulament for Admin of ZM.RANGFORT. RO.. The player who talk abusivly with admin will get bann for some time.... but I not only experienced abusive languages but ALSO i was Slayed... That's the reason I bann hum just for 60 minutes  this guy doesn't deserves admin ship.. I don't want him anymore as a Admin he don't know anything I have more abusive moves of this guy but unfortunately I don't have proof.. I  crop some of the part due to file Space  problem... 




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Anyway he got removed before you started this topic.

and He is behaves like a childs and has been abused admin many time.


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