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[RF-SPORT] Scholes: I'm sick of Mourinho moaning, he has real quality in the squad

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Jose Mourinho - the subject of reports last night that he's to be sacked this weekend - has been told to stop moaning about Manchester United's shortcomings when he should be putting his focus on their strengths.

Paul Scholes's latest plea to Mourinho to cease taking pot-shots at his players came as the manager admitted during a tetchy press conference yesterday that it would be unacceptable for United to go five successive matches without a win for only the second time in 20 years.

United would claim that unwanted record if they fail to beat Newcastle at Old Trafford today but, if he stays, Scholes believes Mourinho's best chance of arresting ailing fortunes would be to end the verbal attacks and pick a settled team.

"I'm sick of him moaning about what he hasn't got when I think he really should be concentrating on what he has got," Scholes said. "I think he's got some real quality in the squad who are very low in confidence. It's all about giving the lads confidence.

"When they're constantly hearing that they're not good enough or that they're not performing, you think of players like Anthony Martial or Marcus Rashford, it's about giving them a run of games.

"They'll come in and people are dying for them to play. They will be given one game or an hour and not perform that great, but you've to give them a run of five, six, seven, eight games.

"I think that's when you can judge these types of players. Unfortunately because the form's not great, he's chopping and changing. He has no idea what his best team is, no idea what his best system is, and this is after over two years."

Mourinho insisted yesterday that his team "can do" and "will do much better than what it is doing" but offered a pointed response when asked why he was having such difficulty getting them to gel. "Because sometimes things are not just in the manager's hands," he said.

He also reiterated that last season's second-place finish was "phenomenal" because "opponents with much more potential than us finished behind us", an apparent reference to Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs.

United's last win was more than a fortnight ago - a 3-0 Champions League win against Young Boys in Berne - while their last win at Old Trafford was some 59 days ago, on the opening weekend of the season against Leicester City.

"No home wins. That's true. Only one defeat at home all season," said Mourinho, acknowledging the defeat to Tottenham Hotspur in late August.

The United manager counts his side's League Cup elimination on penalties to Derby County as a draw.

Mourinho added that things were not going to plan at Old Trafford "for many different reasons", but refused to expand on this answer.

"I know we are in the beginning of October and we look to tables all around Europe and in many of the leagues the tables in September and October don't reflect what is going to happen in a few months later or even in the end of the season," he said.

"We know that to improve that position we need to win these three points but we know that our opposition also need the points."

Credits: Daily Telegraph, London

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