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Nume + Vârstă : Rahu, age 16

Adresa de contact (e-mail / forum) : Forum, insta: rahu99_

Timp alocat forumului : i dont know maybe like 1 or 2 hour

Descrie experienta ta in Photoshop / alte programe asemanatoare : in 2016 i did alot of designs and i was pretty good at it for like 5 moths but at some points i got tired of it and quitted so, am thinking of doing it again and right now i might be a little bad but i will try my hard to make good designs again and improve myself :D

experienta [ Creatiile tale cele mai actuale ] : Astea de la portofoliu is cele mai actuale: https://imgur.com/a/NIwUCLN   https://m.imgur.com/a/3Nx3MHT https://m.imgur.com/a/pL5BjDz https://imgur.com/a/vIMDbkl

These are all i made in 1 day and sonr close the topic yet i will a bit more designs when i made 'em 

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