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ZM VIP Print list.

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Im using zm vip 1.9.1 by aaarnas, what I wanted to do is to change the flags of vip printing list
What I tried to do is >


public show_vips_online(id) 
    new bool:first = true, message[256], len
    for (new i=0; i<maxplayers; i++) 
        if(p_data[FLAGS] & AT_CHATTAG)
            if (!first) {
                message[len++] = ','
                message[len++] = ' '
            message[len++] = '^4'
            message[len] = EOS
            len += get_user_name(i, message[len], charsmax(message)-len)
            message[len++] = '^1'
            message[len] = EOS
            first = false
    if (first) {
        if (is_amxmodx_new_version) client_print_color(id, id, "^4[VIP] ^1%L...", id, "NO_VIP_ONLINE")
        else _client_print_color(id, "^4[VIP] ^1%L...", id, "NO_VIP_ONLINE")
    else {
        if (is_amxmodx_new_version) client_print_color(id, id, "^4[VIP] ^1%L: %s.", id, "ONLINE_VIPS", message)
        else _client_print_color(id, "^4[VIP] ^1%L: %s.", id, "ONLINE_VIPS", message)

Also tried to change         if(p_data[FLAGS] & AT_CHATTAG) to         if(p_data[FLAGS] == AT_CHATTAG).. But its not printing for this flag ..

AT_CHATTAG = flag q.

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