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Latest Hacking Method - Be awared!!!

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As a super moderator of this forum, and as a simple guy who loves gaming and love the people here, I’d like to report something going on with the steam app!


I got a message lately by a friend ( Robin ) wich was like this:


So as a dumb guy who trusts friends, I didn’t knew this was a scam and clicked it, logged in, and got hacked ( even if u have the steam guard ON!!

Apparently the guy was a victim as well, when they hack you the message goes to other peope as well ( your friends ).

My message when I was hacked:


Be awared of what you click, if you got this message from me then just know it wasn’t me. Please stay away from those messages and never trust no one, even your best friend because they might get hacked as well.


Have a wonderful day

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