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Reclamatie - Smooke WeeD Pr

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Titlu: Reclamatie -  Smooke WeeD Pr

[Reclamatie] Nume

Continutul topicului: Reclamatie player

1. Nick-ul d-voastra : asassinul
2. Nick-ul reclamatului :  Smooke WeeD Pr
3. Data si ora : ora 19:07   data : 27.06.2019
4. Motivul reclamatiei : respawned player
5. Dovada (se accepta doar print la consola/demo) : 

Couldn't open file overviews/zm_fox.txt. Using default values for overiew mode.
Smooke WeeD PrO : /lm
[ZM] Press E to allow passage through the other.
[BD] Write "/bd" in the Chat, to open the Bullet Damage Menu.
ADMIN Smooke WeeD PrO - Mero^ respawned
*SPEC* UZUMAKI NARUTO asassinul : ?
Smooke WeeD PrO : ?
ahmed AL-anqhe[*palestine*] connected
ahmed AL-anqhe[*palestine*] is joining the Counter-Terrorist force
off89 0''}:v : =
Player ahmed AL-anqhe[*palestine*] connected from [Palestine]

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This is was my friend in real world, this is the first time he plays cs 1.6 I am the one who gave the degree and removed it.

asassinul You are owner dude Do not create requests like this again  

And when you want to give proof, make a printscreen. A video or a print. 

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