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# Name you play: V.v B_O_S_S

# Steam: Yes / No: No

# Age (required): 15

# Experience as admin: 75%

# Why you are an administrator: The encoding server has been cleaned

# Do I agree with the list ?: Oops I forgot!

# Link to hours played: (C lick? https://www.gametracker.com/player/V.v B_O_S_S/

# Are you ready to help your server by donating ?: Currently not

# Other Information: To learn that your forum is especially for creators / moderators: Mero ^, AZ etc ... is the best community!

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Why did you request admin in language arabic the admin model request only in Romanian and English 

You have good activity on the server I really want you man Try again next week and remember model request in Romanian and English :)))

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