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Concurs / Contest #2 (ENDED)

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Server designed to offer payment competition for a number as the most competitive is name !!!, (TOP15 VIP FREE)

First clients from top15 first VIP free on ZM.RANGFORT.RO Server

Top1. VIP Month + Grade

Top2. VIP 20 days + 5000 Points

 Top3. VIP 10 days + 8000 Ammo


[STOP COMPETITION] 02/22/2020 

Contest rules: 
You must have a forum account and, if you don't have one your will take the next person instead.
if you insulted anyone or offended the ADMINISTRATORS we will take the next person instead.
We will put a picture of the Contest in the game say /event to open it everyone can participate in the contest.

With respect to the "ZM.RANGFORT.RO" team 

Good luck for all

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take first place C.I.@:Dany____:) and second Crunk and exclude Bella reason does not have account CrYNNu already OWNER =)) 
excluded AndreiMRZ reason insulted ADMINISTRATORS excluded eliona* reason does not have account Finally take Panda:3 the third place

Everyone should connect me pm to take their prize :D 


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