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Admin Rules:

1.No admin has the right to start fights on the server or to use commands on other admins (instead of amx_ss), excepting the moment when an admin is using commands with no clue/reason (remove)

2.The map vote will be in the last 5 minutes of the current map and it will contain at least 2 maps

3.The admin has the obligation to vsit the forum to respond the admin/unban requests (with PRO/CONTRA accompanied by a reason for his choice), or to respond the reclamations properly with the right reason

4.The admin has the obligation to announce his absence on the forum (remove)

5.It is forbidden to abuse of the commands (amx_say, amx_csay, amx_tsay, amx_slap, amx_slay, amx_kick). The commands amx_say amx_csay, amx_tsay will only be used for advices, not for chat and maximum 3 times (-1 grade)

6.The admin is forced to take heed of the advices of the players on u@ regarding the cheaters that are playing on the server, the admin will move himself to the spectators and will take a look at that player, making a Demo/SS before using any command on him (-1 grade/remove according to the gravity of the mistake)

7.An admin has the obligation to give evidence on a Report/Unban request on the forum for the commands used on a player that has been banned or destroyed (-1 grade/remove)

8.Admin should be active on server as well on forum (-1 grade)

9.When you make photos to a player you should wait from 5 to 10 minutes to receive the photos before you can use commands on that player, because not all of us have high-power internet connection (-1 grade)

10.The admin must give gag for improper language, but maximum 5 minutes. For serious swearing, repeatedly you will use ban for 10 minutes. You won't use ban directly. (-1 grade)

11.The admins are forced to look for cheaters on the server, not only to play and show no respect to the grade he owns (-1 grade)

12.Admins are not allowed to swear on the server, it doesn't matter if you say it on u@ or on the normal chat (-2 grade)

13.WarGods is not allowed in our server

14.At the field "Have you read {Rules}" from the admin request you will respond: "NOPE"


Admin And Players Rules:

1.It is forbidden to use inappropriate language, or to swear/ comment without a reason at the admin's choice (gag/ban 10 min)

2.It is forbidden to reconnect on the server just to get rid of you gag (ban 10 minute)

3.The using of any hack/cheat is forbidden (destroy+ permanent ban)

4.Do not insist for the changing of the map, just for the reason that you don't like/know it (gag 3 min)

5.Do not spam on u@, don't abuse of it ( kick/ban 5-10 minutes)

6.If you think that an admin isn't using his commands properly, make (Report) on the forum giving us a reasons, do not fight on the server with him

7.If there are no admins on the server and there are chaters/hackers online make them a demo (using the command "record name of the cheater" in your console). You will find the demo in the cstrike folder with the name you put in the console

8.It is forbidden to use (Golden AK47) in base CT or base T for kill players befor they can take guns or cover (Slay/Kick)

9.If Fondator banned you for any reason and you was though he was wrong, you can send PM to him and show the proofs

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