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If you have pictures or link to the models you want you can leave them here and we will check them.

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On 6/28/2020 at 10:14 AM, Duckkk said:


AWP-medusa ou Atheris

Ak- redline

(Só estou falando)

Just checked them out. Besides the m4a1, nothing else is pretty. Even that is a meh.

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1 hour ago, BlackPearl said:

If may i suggest those tho:

Desert Deagle Bloodsport
AWP Wildfire
M9 Bayonet Ruby
AK47 Westland Rebel
M4A1 Knight

Those are pretty much decent skins and they are gettin close to the CS:GO game kinda.
That's just an opinion if you would like them i would be happy to see them on the server.

We will change "Deagle and AWP"

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