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[FURIEN] Model Reclamatie Admin

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Model [RO]:

1.Nume-ul d-voastra:

2.Nume-ul reclamatului:

3.Data si ora:

4.Motivul reclamatiei:

5.Dovada (se accepta doar print la consola/demo /snap):





==>Este obligatoriu ca titlul topicului sa arate asa : "Reclamate admin x"

==>Nu deschideti un topic cu titluri de genul "Copil copac" , "Admin frustrat" sau alte replici jignitoare la adresa adminilor deoarece veti primi warn, iar topic-ul va fi închis si mutat în arhiva.

==>Toate celelalte topicuri care nu respecta acest model vor fi închise si nu vor fi luate în considerare.

==>Orice reclamatie care nu vine însotita de o dovada nu va fi luata în cosiderare.

==>Adminii care las? reply la o reclamatie sunt obligati pe langa PRO/CONTRA ? aduca dovezi (cand dau pro)!


Model [EN]:


1.Your Nick:

2.The complainant's nick:

3.Date and time:

4.Reason for complaint:

5.Proof (accept only print to console / demo /snapshot):





==>Is mandatory for the topic title to look like this:" Report Admin x "

==>Do not open a topic with titles such as" Copil Tree " " Frustrated Admin "or other offending replies to admins because you will receive a warning and the topic will be closed and moved to the archive.

==>All other topics that do not follow this pattern will be closed and will not be considered.

==>Any claim that does not come with proof will not be taken into consideration.

==>Admins who leave a response to a claim are required to PRO / CONTRA to provide proof (when they give pro)!


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