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Concurs / Contest #4 (ENDED)

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RO.Staff-ul ZM da startul celui de al 4-lea concurs TOP15 pentru care pune la bataie urmatoarele premii :

EN.ZM staff starts at the 4th TOP15 contest for which they award the following prizes :


1st. VIP 30 DAYS+5000 Ammo+6000 Points+Free Tag

2nd.VIP 20 DAYS+4000AMMO+4000 Points

3rd. VIP 10 days+2000 Ammo+2000 Points

4th.VIP 7 days+1500 Ammo+1000 Points

5th.VIP 5 days+1000 Ammo +1000 Points

6th-10th. 1000 Ammo + 500 Points

10th-15th. 1000 Ammo

       Evenimentul se va desfasura pe perioada/The event will take place over the period


           RO: Castigatorii vor trebui sa-mi trimita PM in max 5 zile ,altfel vor fi descalificati  

          EN: The winners will have to send me PM in max. 5 days, otherwise they will be disqualified 



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Concursul s-a incheiat! Contest ended.


1st.GigaBite VIP 30 DAYS+5000 Ammo+6000 Points+Free Tag

2nd.Bada VIP 20 DAYS+4000AMMO+4000 Points

3rd.Da SigMa VIP 10 days+2000 Ammo+2000 Points

4th.Eugamerrr VIP 7 days+1500 Ammo+1000 Points

5th.Kakahi Uhiwa VIP 5 days+1000 Ammo +1000 Points

6th-10th.AleXaDndERRR, I*3Luciia, __DeKKI__,NoMore,dmg*afin3 1000 Ammo + 500 Points

10th-15th. terror 1000 Ammo

Players disqualified: AwAmafia(steal ammo), AllyN(steal ammo)., Dante Nikolas(owner), Lynch(steal ammo)


The TOP5 Players already have a slot/admin/vip on server, your vip was automatically added for the time you won it!

All players can ask for their prizes once they login on the server and have a forum account!

You can reply here a winning phrase or just to confirm that you received the prize!


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