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Concursuri September Month.

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The Furien.RangFort.ro team offers you the opportunity to WIN admin + benefits on our server by winning the top15!



1st Place will receive: Owner + Benefits 2 Months.

2nd place will receive: Co_Owner + Benefits 1 Month.

3rd Place Will Receive: God Permanent.

4th Place will receive: Moderator Permanent.



*It starts on 14.9.2020 and ends on 14.10.2020*



[!] Rules [!]:

1. Participants MUST HAVE ACCOUNT on forum rangfort.ro and know the rules of the server in which it participates: 

2. If one of the participants violates the OR rule is caught with the code will be sanctioned and eliminated from the competition.

3. Any player may participate in the contest, with no exceptions, whether or not they have a role on the server.

4. WARNING! Admins who only play for +1 and do not continue their assignments on the server will be disqualified without exception!

5.Respect RULES.

At the end of the contest the winners will announce right here!

HF ^ GL 

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