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Name : DadoDz

Nick-InGame : dado

Age : 15 years old 

Country : Algeria 

Fb : DadoDz Dehmene

Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198983837372

Disocrd :  DadoDz#2270

I am Slot i want to uprg Adminsrateur if you want Please

I Play Counter Strike 1.6 Since 2010

Can you help the server financially ?: Yes of course, It's My Job and and My Server I'm There All the time to help you

 Expérience Amx : i am good
Avez-vous lu les directives : yes
Êtes-vous d'accord avec les directives ? : Yea oF Course


# Your nickname:  dadp
# Steam: Yes / no : yes
# Age: 15 years old
# Experience as admin: good
# Reason that you want to be admin: i love this server and i am old in your olds server and i want to be help you
# You have read and understand server rules?: yes
# Hours you played on server: 17h15
# Are you wiling to help the server with a donation?: I am Sorry but i dont have money and i dont have carte 
# Other information: I am From Algeria i am muslim Chec my insta fb and ...... 

 Rules to be accepted :)
You should follow the above model. ok 
You have to respect all rules of the server. yes
Minimum age 15 years. yea
You should have minimum 20 hours played on server. pls i have 17h15m 😢

If the admin request is accepted,you have the obligation to make urself a BAN-LIST,in the right section : Didn't I get it right at the end?

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