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Grouping your fps "Commands "

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To growup ur fps

FPS max 999

FPS modem 999

Developer 1





Cl_bob 0                                                                BY Ernando Memaj 


Cl_bobcykle 0

Sv_aim 1

Sv_accelerate 10000

Sv_airaccelerate 10000

M_yaw 0.022

M_pitch 0.022

Bind x "hud_saytext"

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On 8/21/2020 at 2:01 PM, Manel said:

4. It is forbidden to use developer 1/ fps_override 1/ strafe hack/cfgs for no-recoil/silent aim (destroy + permanent ban)









Maybe you didnt read rules well


For Counter Strike NVIDIA allowed only E6+E7+E8

E9 not allowed

And if i catched you use E9 again you will be banned + Remove

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