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# Your nickname: GigaBite
# Steam(Yes/No): no
# Age: 22
# Experience as admin: few years on different servers
# Reason that you want to be admin:  can help maintain order, punish rule breaking and just overall give a hand to players who are new to server.
# Did you read the rules?: yes 
# Hours you played on server:  90 hours https://www.gametracker.com/player/GigaBite/
# Are you wiling to help the server with a donation?: I did and will again when possibile
# Other information:

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Posted (edited)
13 minutes ago, NoMore said:

against, from what i hear he used cheats and he didn’t read the rules.

The "cheat" you referring to is the gold xmx being too strong which I personally suggested should be weakened (at least I had people say I have aim or something while using gold xmx) and i would also appreciate a proof of some sort regardless of me becoming an admin or not cause  I don't like accusations  being thrown at me.

and sure I didn't put a like on it, so I left it now...

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He is not a cheater and..ofc we need admins

I expect from you to know the rules since you play on this server since 2 months. But read them again  as admin


Accepted. T/C

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