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Have you read the rules?:I have a lot of experience with furien servers,so i know them.But yes,i have.

Time active:I can do 2-4 daily activity on daytime.

Why do you want admin?:Well first off,i want to have access to keep quiety and order in the server;since i dont see admins online by the time i play,and i have even found hackers and players that dont obey to the rules.I want to help.

Player link:https://www.gametracker.com/player/Arkel/

Do u have facebook/steam?:I have both of them,but i will go with facebook.https://m.facebook.com/arkel.lahi

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I will give you SLOT 

(After week) you can make upgrad request when you have good active +  Read Rules 


PM with nick and password


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