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1.Nume-ul d-voastra:zDxmon

2.Nume-ul reclamatului:yoyo

3.Data si ora:1:00 night

4.Motivul reclamatiei:he slayed us bcz he was low hp and to be furien he slow us and the speak that he have dirty i dont say is for a good admin and he dont know to be admin

5.Dovada (se accepta doar print la consola/demo /snap):https://imgur.com/a/w3srdtp

6.Altele:cam atat

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lol go first read rules you know how to play ,i slay him for tb ,he tells that i m last i can do anything, i told rules changed now , so he started arguing with me, he tells he is admin in other server and teaching me my job, so this is useless ,and telling me u get remove ,i dont care what happen now but this person is total useless dont know rules and teaching me....

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you go and play on your server u r admin on other server and dont follow thier rules here

i told in this server last cant tb, and camp ,so keep quiet and dont teach me my job u rthinking u r pro and cool and others are noob,

so change u r behaviour first

and what photo upload full conversation not half ok, where is other photo?

in that photo u r last and doing tb so i slay  and doing my job..

Edited by pro yoyo
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1 hour ago, Dr.Wolfie said:

last can tb 😐

Last cant TB

Anyway if last CT allowed to Turn Back in other servers that not mean it's allowed here



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  • Manel changed the title to [REJECTED] Reclamatie yoyo
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